All Teens Matter Home

All Teens Matters came into being October 2010 and in the short time between October and Christmas enough donations were received to help 180 teens to receive a tree, dinner that had a turkey, ham, and all the fixings to complete dinner and most importantly Christmas presents which they got anywhere from 4-6 gifts each. The teens were chosen by the school counselors and teachers. 

Here are a few statements from the kids we served.

“You don’t have a clue Christmas Lady not only did someone buy me gifts and not just gift cards but they wrapped them too.”

“My family wasn’t having Christmas until you came along.”

“Thank you so much for my bed it’s the first time I had one since I was a toddler.”

“Thank you for the Drivers Education classes I will be able to take my mom to the doctors now.”

Our goal this year is to reach 400 teens in Kitsap County. The need becomes greater and greater as the economic crisis continues.


Make up  -  Razors  -  Shoes  -  Belt   Jeans  -    CDS -  Dresses      Games        Slacks     Hats   Blouses      Movie Tickets    Shirts     Candles     Underwear      Pillows    Bras    Bowling Gift Certificates     Coats     Pre paid cell phone    Books     Art Supplies      Sheets     Back Packs     Blankets     Socks      Skateboards      Snowboards       Certificates for Hair Cuts, Manicure, Pedicure